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Standard Operating Policies and Procedures Manuals.

Our S.O.P.P. Manual contains over 500 modern policies representing years of research and consulting. Available in MS-Word our manual can be used as a stand-alone product or incorporated into your existing rules and regulations.

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“E-PRECINCT Management’s Rights Center”.

We constantly receive questions and requests for information and resources concerning issues impacting on agencies’ policies and practices.

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CODE 10 Standards of Conduct.

Our 21 Standards of Conduct have been reduced to the 10 essential rules for Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS. Can be purchased as a stand alone set of rules or purchased with our Standard Operating Policies and Procedures Manual.

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Deliver Consistent and Fair Penalty Assessments.

Our computerized Discipline Penalty Assessment takes the guess work out of delivering uniform and fair penalty assessments.

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Management’s Rights

Certificate, a class manual, model forms and policies.

This course teaches that the employment relationship is an enforceable contract wherein management has inherent and enforceable rights.

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Performance Improvement

Certificate, a class manual, model forms and policies.

PIP’s are well accepted by courts, arbiters, civil review boards and employees as a non-punitive means for dealing with employee performance deficiencies.

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Quota-Free Police Productivity

Certificate, a class manual, model forms and policies.

It is a fundamental principle of American labor relations that employees owe their employers a full day’s work for a full day’s pay..

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Discipline & Termination

Certificate, a class manual, model forms and policies.

Gantry provides a range of features, from the dynamic 960 Grid System, to the advanced user interface, per browser or platform CSS/JS support, or per-menu-item configurations, plus a plethora of other advanced features..

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Absenteeism Control & Tracking System

Certificate, arbiter cites, computerized ACTS, model forms and policies.

For supervisors and managers who need an effective and defensible method for promoting..

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Internal Affairs

Class manual, model forms ready to use and a training certificate

The internal investigation function is viewed as part of the organization’s total quality control program.

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Applied Leadership Skills

Class manual, model forms ready to use and a training certificate.

Ethics, motivation, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making skills are requisites to becoming a successful supervisor..

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First-Line Supervision

Class manual, model forms ready to use and a training certificate.

This course takes the position that the responsibility for quality-control enforcement in an organization depends on the loyalty and abilities of its first-line supervisors.

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Writing Well for Public Safety Forces

Comprehensive course manual, certificate of attendance.

This course emphasizes writing narratives in the first-person, and eliminating unnecessary and distracting police jargon that adds nothing to the quality or value of the report .

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Social Networking

Model policy, class manual, handouts and certificate of training.

The increase in online social networking is presenting new challenges for law enforcement agencies.

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We always welcome new hosts. If your agency is interested in joining the ranks of hosts, your agency can also receive free training.  It is easy!

If you have attended a VMA training class and feel your agencies members would greatly benefit from the recent class/s you or a member attended, consider contracting classes at a reduced rate.

Hosting agencies assume the following responsibility for each class they cosponsor:

  • Teletype information for upcoming classes to neighboring agencies.  A draft message is provided by VMA for your convenience.  (You are not expected to register participants or to provide additional information; all registrations are handled directly by VMA.)
  • Provide a meeting room large enough to accommodate 25-35 participants.
  • Supply coffee and donuts or bagels.

The benefits of hosting a VMA program are many:

  • Your agency will receive free tuition for two-three participants.
  • Your travel costs are eliminated.
  • Rescheduling of your officers is minimized.
  • Your participants will receive quality professional training at no cost.

In addition, your agency’s image as a training leader will be enhanced with other departments both locally and statewide. VMA handles all mail outs, registrations, confirmations, billings, instructor’s travel and class materials.

All VMA classes can be presented in-house at a reduced rate.  Call Zaron for Info.

I look forward to hearing from you by either FAX 614-451-8905, or call toll free 800-331-8025 or Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Have a safe day!

Zaron Miller (Just like Karen only with a Z)
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Training Coordinator
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